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Innocence.   Fun.   Curiosity.   Wonder

These are words associated with children. Unfortunately, there are many who are robbed of their innocence, prohibited from having fun, losing their curiosity, and only wonder if their abuse will ever end.

These are the innocent who suffer abuse, child labor, prostitution, or live life without hope. These are the ones who are unable to fight for themselves. These are the innocent that One by One will fight to restore.

For more information, check out www.theinnocent.org

Join us September 20th in a RACE FOR THE INNOCENT at our ILLUMINATING HOPE 5K Run! All of the proceeds from this race go directly to supporting One by One and their work with the innocent children of Nicaragua! That's right.... EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR! There is no percentage taken off for administration fees and this race is run solely by volunteers who fight for the innocent chidlren of this ministry! So, come out and run and have some glow fun!

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